What I do – Golf Day Photographer

I am a Professional Freelance Photographer, based in Surrey (Middlesex in old money) & close to London.
I have covered events at locations around the UK & Europe. Golf Day Photography for me is all about capturing the action on the golf course but also the emotions around that action.  Add into the mix the fun & banter of the players throughout their day. I think that’s a perfect recipe for stunning photos to remember your day with.

What makes me tick…

Ever since I was young, I have always loved photos & photography. How many times have you found yourself looking at a stunning image saying, “I wish I’d taken that…” Well, the ‘Shutter Bug’ bit me & I strive every day to be the person that took ‘that’ photo!!

I grew up in a motorsport family. Standing in many a freezing forest watch the rally cars fly past fighting to find grip. When I was old enough I navigated for my Dad before moving across to the driver’s seat. My proudest moment, bringing home a very battered Skoda Favorit after 4 days on the 1994 Network Q RAC Rally. I use all that experience in my motorsport photography, watching & anticipating the action. Then being in the right place to capture the moment when it happens.

I read somewhere that there are 3 main images to get when shooting golf. The backswing, The follow through & The player’s reaction. – There it is again, Action & Emotion! Those skills learnt in the forests I apply to my Golf Day Photography. Quietly & discretely watching the players on the course, predicting & anticipating the action about to unfold in front of me. Then being ready to capture those magic candid moments that make us all smile. We all like to play well & have the ball go where we hit it. That fist pump as the ball drops from a tricky 10 footer… but we still love to see flying sand in a bunker photo!! Action & Emotion!

All good so far…??… Read on..

The action & emotion captured in my Golf Day Photography produce stunning photos that I hope tell a story. Powerful images, perfect for golf course & event sponsor’s marketing. Those all important team shots to remember your day. Eye catching player shots to support a news letter or magazine editorial.

I use only high end professional Nikon FX camera bodies & lenses. A minimum of 2 cameras will be in my kit for your shoot….accidents can/do happen & you still need your photos!! I have £5m public liability cover & professional indemnity insurance. I am used to working with clients where privacy & discretion is paramount. Currently I hold DVA Security Clearance to SC1 level. (Much higher than standard CRB checks)

Over to you…

If you like my photojournalistic reportage style of Golf Day Photography & would like fantastic images of your event. Great images of yourself, your team, shooting the action & the people that make golf day special. If you need a professional Golf Day Photographer for anything at all, get in contact. Let’s have a chat on email, over the phone, FaceTime or meet up for a coffee, whatever is easier for you. Together we can work out what you need & how we can achieve great results.